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Master Jinsub Kim

Head Master, 5th Degree Black Belt

Master Jinsub Kim, our esteemed headmaster, is a former Korean national team member with an extensive martial arts background. A graduate from Yongin University, he spent three years instructing at the Police Academy in Ethiopia before moving to the US to fulfill his dream of opening a martial arts school. Successfully cultivating a thriving community in Cypress, CA, Yongin Martial Arts bravely expanded its reach. Amid the pressures of the modern world, we equip you with tools for self-awareness, discipline, and self-defense, empowering you to thrive in challenging situations and continually strive for improvement.

What Our Families Are Saying

The best place for your kids to grow and learn... Since my daughter started she has not only found an activity she’s passionate about but it also has helped her excel in school. The best place for your kids to grow and learn.

-Emily M.

I love their discipline. They teach not only the martial skills but also encouraging confidence, braveness. I see that my high-school daughter become getting stronger inside and outside. The staffs are very kind and seriously care for each student's progress. This place is the best choice for my family!

-Peter W.

My son has been going to Yong-in Martial Arts for almost a year now, and he loves it! He's more responsible, respectful and shows more confidence. Master Kim and the other teachers are great with the kids. They create a fun, learning environment.

-Linda M.

Why We're Proud Of Our School

We are incredibly proud of our school for its dedication to excellence, unity, and resilience. Our students not only learn martial arts skills but also cultivate discipline, respect, and confidence that shines brilliantly in demonstrations like these.

Indomitable Spirit

Courage to face each day with a positive attitude

Our Programs


Little Tigers

Our Little Tigers program is specially designed for ages 3-5, providing a nurturing environment to foster your child's physical and mental growth. The classes help improve motor skills, enhance focus, and instill discipline from a young age. More than just martial arts, it's a foundation for success in life. As a parent, you'll appreciate how these classes aid in your child's development, helping them gain self-confidence, respect for others, and a love for physical activity, skills that are transferable to all areas of life.



Our Juniors program, tailored for ages 6-12, not only teaches martial arts techniques but also imparts valuable life lessons. This age group experiences a boost in physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility. More importantly, they learn essential character-building values like respect, discipline, and perseverance. As a parent, you'll notice an improvement in their focus, self-esteem, and determination - skills that will help them thrive in school and beyond. We aim to empower your child, equipping them with the tools to tackle life's challenges with confidence.


Teens & Adults

Our Teens & Adults program, for ages 13 and above, offers a dynamic blend of martial arts training and life skills. Participants not only improve their physical strength, flexibility, and self-defense skills but also learn to manage stress, improve focus, and build resilience. This program encourages a balanced lifestyle, promoting physical fitness and mental well-being. It is also a great way to connect with a supportive community, fostering camaraderie and mutual respect. Whether you're a teenager seeking self-confidence or an adult looking for a challenging, rewarding hobby, our program is a transformative experience.

“True strength is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscles.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Will martial arts training make my child more aggressive or prone to fighting?

Contrary to common misconceptions, martial arts training promotes discipline, respect, and self-control. While students learn self-defense techniques, they're also taught that these skills should only be used as a last resort. The emphasis is on avoiding conflict and practicing restraint.

What if my child or I have no previous experience in martial arts?

Our programs are designed to accommodate individuals at all levels, including beginners with no previous martial arts experience. Our instructors provide personalized guidance to help each student progress at their own pace.

Are martial arts classes suitable for adults who want to improve their fitness?

Absolutely! Our Teens & Adults program provides a comprehensive workout that enhances strength, flexibility, and cardio health. Additionally, martial arts training can help improve coordination, balance, and overall physical fitness.

Can martial arts help with my child's focus and discipline issues?

Yes, martial arts can be a great tool for improving focus and discipline. The structured nature of martial arts training requires students to pay attention and follow instructions, which can translate into better focus in other areas of life.

Are there opportunities for advancement or competition in your martial arts programs?

Yes, our programs are structured to allow for advancement through different belt levels, and we offer opportunities for students to participate in competitions. However, competition is not a requirement, and many students enjoy martial arts for the fitness and personal development aspects.

Is there a specific uniform or equipment required for the classes?

Yes, a specific uniform, known as a 'gi' or 'dobok', is typically worn during classes. This helps promote a sense of unity and respect among students. As for equipment, it depends on the level and type of class, but any necessary gear will be discussed during the orientation process. Our staff is always available to guide you on where and how to acquire the appropriate uniform and equipment.

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